A Mid-Summer’s Herb Dream


On a beautiful summer day, David takes you on a stroll through his New Jersey farm sharing his deep knowledge of medicinal plants based on a lifetime of training and practice using Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions.  In this, his second DVD, David teaches about herbs such as Milk Thistle, Schisandra, Pleurisy root, Catnip, Evening Primrose, Mulberry, Sweet Cicely, Lobelia, Wild Ginger, Self Heal, Black Haw and many more, gifting us with his sage understanding of their traditional, modern and cultural uses.

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David Winston is so much more than my most beloved herbal teacher: he shared his great love of Cherokee medicine that fueled my passion for integrating western medicine with traditional methods to truly heal the mind/body/spirit. I remember David sharing his many stories in our classes of how he was drawn into the fields, and with a particular patient in mind, he would be drawn to the proper herb, as the plant spoke to him. This powerful connection between us mortals and the plant kingdom has humbled me and empowered me to see that God placed everything on this glorious earth for us to love and heal each other. Thank you David, for being the catalyst to open my eyes.

Dr. Helene Leonetti | Class of 1999