A Mid-Summer’s Herb Dream


On a beautiful summer day, David takes you on a stroll through his New Jersey farm sharing his deep knowledge of medicinal plants based on a lifetime of training and practice using Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions.  In this, his second DVD, David teaches about herbs such as Milk Thistle, Schisandra, Pleurisy root, Catnip, Evening Primrose, Mulberry, Sweet Cicely, Lobelia, Wild Ginger, Self Heal, Black Haw and many more, gifting us with his sage understanding of their traditional, modern and cultural uses.

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David’s two year program is very comprehensive, striking a balance introducing TCM concepts with focus on western herbalism approaches for treating the client as a whole. The program handouts and especially information provided on the materia medica sheets are outstanding.

I really enjoyed the last few months of the course putting the knowledge to work formulating for case histories. This program helped me establish confidence to move into professional practice. I highly recommend this program for motivated students.

Marc Sawyer | Class of 2016