A World of Herbs in an Hour: A Summer Herb Walk – Hard Copy


Join David Winston, RH(AHG), an internationally known herbalist and ethnobotanist on this hour long stroll through his diverse gardens.  He discusses the medicinal uses, folklore and history of 13 plants native to North America, China and Europe.  From fragrant Lavender, Roses and Bergamot, to controversial Comfrey, TCM herbs Red Root Sage/Dan Shen and Balloon Flower/Jie Geng, old world standbys such as Red Clover, Hops and Motherwort and Native American remedies Goldenseal, Pleurisy Root and Yucca are explored in detail. No matter the season you can come along and learn about these wonderful healing herbs and how they can enrich your life in so many ways.

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Every week for two years, I had a date with my teacher, David Winston, the herbs & myself of course I was also Blessed to be with other students who were journeying down the same road- who have become like family to me).  This class provided me with what I needed to know to use my herbs in a more knowledgeable way. I learned the science behind the herbs, materia medica, how to prepare my herbs appropriately; I learned how to create a comprehensive herbal formula to support my client’s health using the concepts of energetics of the herbs as well as the tastes of the herbs. I learned how to do this safely & confidently! I loved the fact that we had two projects to as well as part of our requirements for obtaining our diplomas; it helped me to marry my two loves of Midwifery & Herbs. When I have a question, I still review that project with a smile on my face & gratitude for having done these projects. I have a strong foundation to speak from-this developed as a result of sitting in class every Tuesday and absorbing knowledge- not found in a book, for David is always researching and sharing his newly found knowledge with his students.

Trish DeTura, RN, Midwife, Cert RA Maya Abdominal Therapist | Class of 2006