A World of Herbs in an Hour: A Summer Herb Walk – Hard Copy


Join David Winston, RH(AHG), an internationally known herbalist and ethnobotanist on this hour long stroll through his diverse gardens.  He discusses the medicinal uses, folklore and history of 13 plants native to North America, China and Europe.  From fragrant Lavender, Roses and Bergamot, to controversial Comfrey, TCM herbs Red Root Sage/Dan Shen and Balloon Flower/Jie Geng, old world standbys such as Red Clover, Hops and Motherwort and Native American remedies Goldenseal, Pleurisy Root and Yucca are explored in detail. No matter the season you can come along and learn about these wonderful healing herbs and how they can enrich your life in so many ways.

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I attended six national conferences on herbalism and heard many brilliant and inspiring speakers before selecting the Center for Herbal Studies with David Winston. I couldnʻt have chosen a better program. This program is for anyone interested in diving deep into the study of plants and their uses for health (mostly human uses and some animal uses). Initially I was not happy to find that 90 percent of the plants covered in the program are foreign to where I live in the Pacific. Fortunately, it has been my experience that studying those 250+ foreign plants prepared me to experience and investigate the plants that are growing in my local area through a more sophisticated lens.  Iʻve been able to expand my herbal formulary considerably.  The course stands on scientific evidence and some indigenous wisdom in a way that Iʻve developed broader skills in evaluating published material / statements about herbal medicines. In addition to studying plants the program also provides training in medicine making, TCM and botany. Every part of the training is useful in real life.

Kaimalani Boyd | Class of 2020