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Great herbalists treat people, not diseases

In our program we strive to teach the skills necessary so that each student can accomplish that goal. We focus on differential diagnosis skills, materia medica and therapeutics which are essential to individualize treatment and help patients to not only resolve symptoms, but create constitutional change needed for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

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It is hard to imagine myself being where I am today if I had not enrolled in David Winston’s program. This class starts you at square one, and slowly builds your panoply of herbal knowledge – assuring you will acquire the confidence and knowledge to better both yourself and one’s community. What I liked most about this program is David’s straightforward and effortless way of teaching. David truly demystifies herbal medicine, as he has spent 50+ years studying, 40+ years practicing and bringing esoteric knowledge to those wishing to study with him. Words cannot grasp the gratitude I have for both David, his faculty and what this program has done for me.

Robert Sena | Class of 2020