Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief – 2nd ed.


In our modern world we live incredibly busy and stress filled lives. Chronic stress, impaired sleep and the resultant elevation of stress hormones such as cortisol have been shown to be an initiator and cofactor for much of our chronic degenerative disease. In addition to stress reduction techniques, healthy relationships, a good diet and adequate sleep, another essential method for reducing stress and enhancing well-being is the use of adaptogenic herbs. For most people adaptogens are a “one size fits all” idea, take any one, they are all good for you. This is absolutely not true!

While adaptogens are generally safe, some are stimulating, some calming, some nourishing, others cooling or heating, moistening or drying. To get the greatest benefit from these herbs you need to understand their energetics and qualities to match the appropriate herb or herbs to the person taking it. This book gives you the detailed knowledge to understand the different adaptogens and their companion herbs, nervines, nootropics and restorative tonics, so they can help you to live a better, healthier and more relaxed life.

The new edition of this book includes a decade of new research, new case histories, additional herbs such as Rhaponticum, Maca and Shatavari, color photographs of the herbs, almost 100 pages of additional information, and the book has been updated throughout by the primary author David Winston, RH(AHG).

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The measure of a school and a teacher is how well they prepare you for your profession. David Winston, in Japan, would be a “national treasure”. His broad base of multi-cultural herbal knowledge, and especially the traditional medicine, is unique. He is simply encyclopedic in his ability to access his years of learning and answer any question. His teaching method is infectious curiosity, well-organized units that build on each other, and that culminates in an excellent preparation for clinical practice: how to do effective case histories, how to put together effective and balanced herbal formulas, how to use nutrition / supplementation / mind & physical therapist and lifestyle changes to pull together an excellent Protocol for your client.

Serious, and jam-packed as each class is, you leave each class inspired and excited. And, David has an excellent sense of humor. I am constantly reminded of how David Winston is held up for special respect in the world of herbalists whenever I go to important herbal conferences. He is in constant demand as a regular guest lecturer at herb and naturopathic schools of higher learning here in the States and around the world.

I am a graduate of David’s school and graduate clinical course, and have my professional designation from the American Herbalists Guild. I have been in practice since 1996, and at age 70, in 2012, I am moving to Key West and closing my practice. David’s excellent school enabled me to help a lot of people along the way.

Constance Miller | Class of 1997