International Herb Symposium – June 9-11, 2023

I will be teaching an intensive on The Ten Tastes-The Energetics of Herbs, an in-person class on Brain Pain, the Challenge of Migraines, as well as on on-line class on Herbal Synergy: A Key to Effective Herbal Practice.

If you register by using this link and entering the code IHSSAVE75 by 2.28.23, you’ll save $75 off your admission.


Working in the herbal supplement world, this course was a great foundation for me to help improve our formulations and make sure that we are doing the best possible job creating products that are effective and true to the herbal tradition. Not previously a clinician, this course has given me the confidence to start working with clients and I feel much more connected with the greater herbal community having learned from David. I really appreciated having such a diverse array of earnest students as my classmates. From Ayurvedic practitioners, acupuncturists and TCM practitioners, to MDs, massage therapists, to veterinarians I learned a lot from my classmates in addition to the mountain of learning we received from David. Thanks so much for a well organized and thorough program!
Tim Yarborough | Class of 2020