Hear David’s interview with LabAroma’s Colleen Quinn

David Winston’s 2 year program explores many different herbal modalities, western, TCM, Ayurveda, Native American, and Middle Eastern Unani Tibb. His therapeutic and graduate level programs delve into all the modern health issues, and how to take a deeper dive toward health and wholeness with herbs. He teaches how to do a William LeSassier’s triune formula, which provides an incredibly comprehensive whole body formula tailored specifically for each person’s needs. I found it only monumental and a highly valuable tool for any clinical herbalist’s toolbox.

Interestingly, I was at an American Herbalists Guild symposium while I was still studying with him, and the level of respect I received from the highly esteemed herbalists I met…just for being a student of David Winston’s was almost overwhelming. It most certainly opened my eyes to the level of teacher I was lucky enough to have. And here is a good place to add just how many medical doctors study with him, I think it averages 20 to 30% per class. Clearly he is a true master in his mastery, and I cannot recommend his program enough. It opened my world exponentially, helped me under my body’s functions much better, and started me on a completely different path to health and wellness. If you are on the fence, please do yourself a favor and go for it.

Carmel Callen | Class of 2018