David talks about the importance of tradition and the herbal industry

I watched a video 2 years ago on herbs and David was one of the teachers being interviewed. At that time I was searching for an herbalist program. The moment I heard David speaking about herbs and healing I knew I had found my teacher. Over the past 2 years I have learned so much. David Winston’s program approaches healing from every aspect of life. The depth of knowledge and information provided in this program is amazing whether it is anatomy, Chinese, botany, traditional medicine or western herbal medicine, to name a few. Besides learning about herbs, I am walking away being smarter, wiser and I feel I have grown as a person.

Much can be learned in books, yet, the program has helped me understand healing and my body at a much deeper level. Certain things cannot be learned by reading books but only can be taught by going through the experience. Thank you David for being so passionate about herbs and all your 40+ years of knowledge and wisdom! Thank you Eileen for all your hard work! I cannot say enough about this program and would highly recommend it to anyone…

…and this is why I am doing another 2 years with David Winston.

Alexandra Smith | Class of 2016