Speaking Engagements Outside of DWCHS Programs

Richard Mandelbaum, RH:

Sat June 15 fern walk, Wurtsboro, NY, 1:00-3:00 PM this is a public event, hosted by the Mamakating Environmental Education Center and will be free with a small donation to MEEC.
Registration info to follow.

Thurs June 20 Solstice Evening Paddle at the Basha Kill, Wurtsboro NY – like last year, we’ll celebrate the summer solstice on the water of this local treasure of protected wetlands and getting to know our local aquatic plants. The sun and earth do the same thing every solstice, so why shouldn’t we? This is a public event, hosted by the Mamakating Environmental Education Center and will be free with a small donation to MEEC. BYOB: bring your own boat! Exact launch time TBD (probably 5:30-6:00 PM-ish) Registration info to follow.

Sat June 29 – Aquatic Plant Day at the Basha Kill, Wurtsboro, NY – we’ll spend the entire day out on the water (with breaks to stretch our legs) really getting to know the
freshwater aquatic plants and wetland plants growing on the shoreline and margins. BYOB: bring your own boat! (I can offer space in my three-person canoe to the first three people who ask for it.) 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sun July 14 Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY – I am so excited to return to Prospect Park, a place I know well and love. There is a wonderful diversity of plants to see, both native and non-native. We’ll explore some of the out-of-the-way corners of this magnificent park and see many plants including prickly ash, blue cohosh, bloodroot, and some massive ginkgo trees. 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sat Aug 10 Peatland Bog Adventure, Forestburgh NY – using my home as our meeting location, we’ll carpool over to spend most of the day at the nearby Neversink Gorge Wilderness Area, with a focus on walking off-trail to a peat bog to explore this unique ecosystem. This class will involve some walking over uneven ground, pushing through shrubbery, and traipsing through the spongy, squishy bog. (Many people wear high boots or waders for this kind of thing – I wear a bathing suit and tight-fitting water shoes!) 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sat August 17 Crater Lake, NJ – after a five year hiatus I am returning to this special place in northwestern NJ. We’ll walk the trail around the beautiful lake, overlapping briefly with the Appalachian Trail, and visit an ancient Lenape ledge overhang, seeing a wonderful assortment of flora along the way. If the weather cooperates, we can end the day with a swim. 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sat August 24 Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx NY – this is imho the most wild of the city parks. There are some wonderful trails through the forest that we’ll explore, with large, old trees, and clusters of black cohosh, bloodroot, Solomon’s seal, and our native prickly pear cactus – and much more. 9:30AM – 5:00 PM

Sun September 22, Equinox Celebration at Harriman State Park – celebrate the fall equinox in one of our regional gems. I can’t get enough of Harriman, with its endless trails, beautiful views, and wonderfully diverse flora. If you’re up for it, you can join me for a pre-dawn hike to a Lenape site to watch the equinox sunrise. 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

TO REGISTER, contact Rich by email. Your place in the course is secured when payment is received (see below).
*Please note that the two MEEC-hosted events, on June 15 and June 20, you will register with MEEC directly as the date gets closer. But you can still let me know you have interest if you like!.
More information will be sent to all registered participants, including: list of what to bring and what to expect, handouts, and detailed directions / google map links to meeting locations. Everyone is expected to arrive 10-15 minutes early; once we are walking off down a trail you may not find us

Class fee:
The fee is kept low to be as accessible as possible, and is discounted when you sign up for multiple classes.
If you need a scholarship to be able to attend, reach out to me and we will make it happen.
If you are able to pay a higher amount, I will reserve 100% of it for scholarships for people who need it!
– If you sign up for one all-day class: $75
– If you sign up for two all-day classes: $70 each class ($140 total)
– If you sign up for three or more all-day classes: $60 each class.

Payment can be made by paypal, venmo, check, or cash.
– Paypal: send payment to nyherbalist@gmail.com
– Venmo: send payment to @Richard-Mandelbaum-1

Cancellation policy: because I keep these classes small and affordable, I am unable to guarantee a refund for canceling. If I am able to find someone to fill your spot, I can refund you minus a small processing fee, but I can’t make promises and it’s unlikely if you cancel at the last minute.

Wendy Warner, MD, FACOG, ABIHM, IFMCP:

5/4/24  Herb Day @ Well-Sweep Herb Farm
6/1/24  Institute for Functional Medicine Annual International Conference: “The Transformational Aspects of Menopause”   IFM’s Annual International Conference (AIC) 2024
7/12-14/24  Institute for Functional Medicine Hormone Advanced Practice Module   Hormone Advanced Practice Module 2024 (APM) (ifm.org)
8/8/24  Symphony Natural Health Webinar:  “Non-Hormonal Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms”    (link not yet available)
11/6/24  Gaia Herbs Webinar    Gaia Professionals | Home (gaiaherbs.com)
11/18-22/24  IFM International Bioenergetics and Hormone Advanced Practice Module, Bogota Columbia  (link not yet available)


2024 Upcoming Lectures with Kerry Adams, RH(AHG) Dipl, ABT NCCAOM:

At Well-Sweep Herb Farm, Port Murray, New Jersey:

The Roots & Greens for Seasonal Change
June 1 Celebrate spring. We will discuss nourishing and cleansing spring herbs to awaken the body and sweep away congestion from the winter months. Well-Sweep Spring Open House -no fee.

Herbal Beginnings
June 29, from 11 am to 2 pm
An introduction to plant medicine, how to use and choose herbal remedies for improved results. Discussion on how to energetically match the plant and the conditions. We will explore the actions of plants on the nervous system to help understand their applications. Class fee $68. Registration required 908.852.5390. Bring lunch.

Family First Aid – Part I
Sept 7 Well Sweep Fall Festival Open House
Plants and techniques for your home medicine chest. Kerry will share her experience with herbal and other natural remedies to have on hand for the family first aid kit. One plant can be useful in different forms to help with many conditions. Well-Sweep Fall Festival Open House – no fee.

Family First Aid – Part II
Sept 28, from 11 am to 3 pm

Hands-on medicine making first aid remedies that were covered in Part I lecture. You do not have to attend Part 1 to take Part II. In class together we will prepare items for your family first aid kit. Demonstrations on other techniques used for first aid healing including poultices, compresses, steams, and wraps. Will cover head to toe helpful remedies. Some materials will be included with class but an additional material list for you to bring will be posted on Well-Sweeps website. Class fee $85. Registration required 908.852.5390.

At Herbally Yours, Changewater, New Jersey – Registration required 908.689.6140

Herbal Water Therapy – Physical & Spiritual Healing-Jennifier O Hagan & Kerry Adams
August 24, from 11 to 4

The technique of using water therapy to prevent and treat illness is an easily done at home technique. Medicinal properties of plants help heal tissue, disinfect, and heal. We will cover hydrotherapy, inhalations, steams, baths, washing, whole body, or hand and foot baths. We will finish the day with a water ritual, or spiritual bathing, used as part of healing practices. A spiritual bath is a method that can rid the body of spiritual disease, by clearing stagnant energy, reconnecting you to the boundless Universal Energy and help remove obstacles that may be blocking your life journey. The class fee is $85.00 Bring lunch and a small towel.

Medicinal Root Preparation
October 19, from 11 to 4

It’s time for our fall root harvest. Harvest the roots, learn harvesting tips, and explore their nutritional and medicinal uses. Recipes and hands on medicine making – teas, tinctures, glycerites, syrups, poultices, compresses and food. Join kerry as we gather and prepare together medicinal roots. Material list will be sent prior to class. Lunch is potluck, bring something to share. Class size is limited. Class fee is $85.00. Bring Lunch

Pulse Qualities “Method of Assessment”
November 2, from 11 to 3

Clinical Herbal practitioners have many tools for their assessment process. This class is for beginners, advanced level herbalists or interested people. We will cover skills to help determine excess and deficiency states using Five Element Pulse diagnostic techniques. Basic concepts, methods of assessment for pulse diagnosis and its importance for consideration for treatment plans. Class fee is $70.00. Bring lunch.

The two year course in Clinical Herbalism is truly a treasure trove of information. For anyone interested in herbalism take this course you will not be sorry. David Winston is encyclopedic with his knowledge. David is very demanding, for good reasons. He only wants the best. Wait until he teaches the Native American portion of the course, you will see another side of him. The course is very well rounded: botany, chemistry, traditional uses, and the extensive materia medica. You will be sitting in class with doctors, chemists, farmers, therapists, grandmothers, plant lovers, you name it! This course was simply awesome!!!

Tiffany Robbins | Class of 2014