About Our Program

Thank you for visiting David Winston’s Center For Herbal Studies’ (DW-CHS) website. David Winston, RH (AHG), an internationally respected herbalist, is the dean and primary instructor for this program. He teaches throughout the US, Canada, and the UK and has been teaching the two year DW-CHS program for almost 40 years.

Our philosophy: Good herbalists treat people, not diseases, and in our program we strive to teach the skills necessary so that each student can accomplish that goal. We focus on differential diagnosis skills, materia medica and therapeutics which are essential to individualize treatment and help patients to not only resolve symptoms, but create constitutional change needed for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

The program runs from September through August for two consecutive years. The class will be held online via live webcast and we are hoping to arrange live participation for people who are local for classes such as the four class Herbal Pharmacy module, herb walks and Pao Zhi-the Alchemy of Herbs, based on the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s Covid rules at the time these are scheduled.

For more information about the course please refer to the Herbalist’s Training Program tab. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

David Winston’s program has exceeded my expectations as a student. The online program makes me feel as if I’m actually in class, with access to a chat room, the ability to ask questions, and good tech support. David’s wealth of knowledge and willingness to share his experience provides a solid foundation for anyone who has an interest in herbal medicine. The materia medica of more than 300 herbs is extremely thorough and an invaluable reference. David not only gives us an understanding of the herbs themselves, but of physiology, how the energetics of the body and herbs work, and reviews of pertinent clinical studies throughout the program. And above all, David has taught us that good herbalists treat people, not diseases.

Sue Bara | Class of 2012