Join us for Herb Day-May 4th, 2024, at Well-Sweep Herb Farm, Pt. Murray, NJ

David will be doing an herb walk and relating stories of Plants and Magic!

Come by our booth and say hello~

This is the first time in my life than in the end of the study I feel confident and capable of doing what I tried to learn. I really feel there was an aim that is absolutely accomplished. I don’t know where life will take me from here but I feel grateful for all these moments I felt there were answers to questions I had since I started with herbs, more than ten years ago. I feel grateful for all these “aha moments” that made my heart beat faster and my brain work in new paths. I already feel I will miss you all that were so close to me for two whole years , although in the other end of the world…

Eleni Christoforatou | Class of 2020